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Bespoke Facilities

If you don't see exactly the facility that you seek and your requirements are for at least $10 million then we may have a bespoke position that we can offer you. Send us an outline of your requirements.

Keep up to Date

This web site is regularly updated. If you have been here before, be sure to refresh every page that you visit. Check the "News" page for recent updates and changes.

Our Service and Source of Funds,

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most comprehensive service of its type available anywhere. The facilities that we offer are from institutional and private funders with almost unlimited resources. We work in close harmony with our principals and their appointed professionals to provide a dedicated service tailored to individual needs.

Our carefully selected funders have demonstrated an ability to engage with imaginative and professional applicants so as fully to exploit a broad range of funding structures and corporate enterprise.

We are very pleased to deal with and recognise introductions from professional brokers.

Amounts, Terms and Fees

As a general  rule, with the exception of the proof of funds "Show & Tell" facility, we  are  now  only  considering  major transactions involving large capital sums, that is amounts of $25 million and above. Facilities are individually tailored to meet precise client requirements. There are no upper limits on amounts available or the overall term of any facility provided.

Fees and costs are payable annually ("Show and Tell" is payable monthly) with the first instalment usually payable after the facility is completed (subject to an undertaking for payment via an acceptable institution). For very large facilities, initial fees can be staggered by arrangement over a schedule of monthly instalments.

Notices Applicable to all Facilities

Money Laundering

Unfortunately it is a fact of modern life that all banks have to take precautions against unwittingly being used to launder or otherwise legitimize the proceeds of criminal activity. All the facilities that we offer involve large sums that inevitably attract the close attention of the various enforcement agencies around the world. Accordingly, we ask that you be prepared for unforeseen delays as the banks make their normal enquiries and checks regarding both the funds and the fees. Please read our full Policy Statement.

Professional Advice

Benington Securities is a funding service provider which, because it has elected not to give investment advice, is not required to be registered under current financial services legislation. This means that we are unable to give advice in respect of any intended investment or procurement strategy contemplated by the Applicant. All Applicants must, therefore, take all necessary, prudent and appropriate banking, legal and other professional advice in respect of any proposed investment strategy. This particularly applies to "High Risk - High Reward" investments. Benington Securities does not and will neither act for, nor in any way represent, the Applicant in respect of any intended investment position.

Availability and Changes in Terms and Conditions

We take great trouble to ensure that all information provided is accurate and completely up to date. However, it is the nature of our service that we deal with a portfolio of funders who move in and out of the market as their finances and other commitments dictate. Accordingly, all facilities are offered subject to availability and all terms and conditions are liable to change without notice. All errors and omissions are excepted.


B e n i n g t o n   S e c u r i t i e s
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"Benington Securities" is the trading name of Benington Securities Limited, incorporated in England, company number 06649606.